Add-On Showcase - Feb 2014

First Add-On Showcase Webinar

Note: we did have an issue with the audio recording at the start of this video, in fact we lost the first few minutes audio all together. The audio quality does pick up from about 7 mins into the video. In the future we will be looking at alternative technology for these webinars.

Feb 2014 saw us run our first ever Add-On showcase, a new webinar series dedicated to the add-on community and solutions building around the MYOBapi. This first webinar saw us bring 3 great solutions forward in 7 minute highly focused sessions allowing them to share their product and story with the MYOB Partner network.

The video is embedded above (to watch full screen click the little black icon in the lower right corner of the play bar), and we encourage you to watch and share. Below you'll find a quick summary and handy links for each of the 3 add-ons showcased.


Accounts payable processing made simple

Invitbox is the complete cloud based Accounts Payable solution for new platform MYOB AccountRight users. Process Bills from anywhere, anytime. Invitbox receives bills online, strips out the line-by -line data immediately, with 100% accuracy, and stores the copy online for 7 years. All for less than the price of a stamp! No more paper, data entry, scanning or filing cabinets. Change the way you do things.


Job management in the cloud

ServiceM8 is job management in the cloud for your computer, iPhone and iPad. Stay in control of your business, from quoting through to job completion and invoicing. Work smarter with real-time information on jobs and staff locations. ServiceM8 is used by everyone in your business, from field and office staff to management. It is simple and effective. It’s available anywhere, anytime. And best of all, it integrates seamlessly with MYOB.


Simplified appointment scheduling

Timely makes it easy for you to save time, be more organised and focus on what you love doing. Timely is a joy to use and simple to understand, with a beautiful calendar that your staff and customers will love. Whether you're a sole trader, or a whole chain — Timely has the features that you need. Timely is cloud-based software, meaning you can access your schedule from anywhere.