Add-On Showcase - June 2014

Add-On Showcase

Scheduled for: this showcase is scheduled for 11am (Melbourne time) June 18th 2014

Come along to our next installment of Add-On showcase, a new webinar series dedicated to the add-on community and solutions building around the MYOBapi.

This month’s showcase will focus on 3 specific solutions that help you understand your business better.Tune in at the scheduled time to hear directly from the developer partners about how these add-ons can help you unlock even more power from working in the cloud.

Castaway Forecasting

Financial Forecasting Software

Castaway is a high level financial forecasting and budgeting analysis software program built to service your business. With Castaway you can Budget and Forecast with confidence. Create high level budgets in a matter of minutes.


Reports, Charts, Dashboards, Visualisations, Email Notifications & Alerts

For all businesses using AccountRight Live and Premier who need an easy and flexible tool to better analyse their Sales, Margins, Inventory, Jobs etc without the need to export everything to Excel. BIforMYOB is an Advanced Reporting solution that comes with over 50 preset reports that will give you instant visibility into your business and save you time.


Deeper insights for decision makers

Used by accountants, business owners, and franchises worldwide, Fathom provides a suite of in-depth analysis tools and metrics which help you see exactly how well your business is performing. These tools and metrics help to assess profitability, cash flow, growth and other financial & non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs). Fathom allows you to create beautiful reports and dashboards, to easily compare, rank and benchmark your companies, and to create consolidated reports for multi-entity organisations.