Designing and Building a Solution

How do I build my customisations and what tools will I need?

MYOB Advanced makes it easy for clients, partners and Developer Partners to customise and extend MYOB Advanced through the use of customisation packages.

What is a customisation package?

Customisations packages are collections of business logic, reports, site map entries, generic inquiries and SQL statements that together modify the behaviour of an MYOB Advanced implementation. These packages can be built using either an in-application editor for site-specific customisations or using Visual Studio.NET and uploaded into a site.

Customisation packages make it easy for partners and Developer Partners to move customisation packages between different site implements such as sandboxes, test environments and production environments.

MYOB Advanced supports three different customisation approaches, all of which are managed through the use of customisation packages which allows them to be used across multiple site implementations:


In-app customisations

These are generally small customisations that are created within the application itself. These types of customisations allow you to add simple business logic modifications or screen changes (such as adding a new field or changing the behaviour of an existing field). New reports and changes to the site map or additional generic inquiries can also be included in an in-app customisation package.

The product contains all the webtools required to successfully create and deploy an in-app customisation.

Embedded add-ons

These are larger add-ons which are built as an extension to the MYOB Advanced product. These customisations would include adding new forms and screens to the system with new business logic modules and new tables within the database. Embedded solutions would be expected to add significant new features or functionality to MYOB Advanced.

Examples of this type of customisation include:

  • Specific client packages that have new webpages compiled into a dll to match their existing business processes.
  • Commercially available packages, e.g. Manufacturing add-ons, that can be downloaded from MYOB app exchange.

A framework installer is required to install framework templates in Visual Studio.


Connected add-ons (API)

These are external systems which use the MYOB Advanced API to provide integrations to MYOB Advanced. For a pure connected app, no additional tools are required. The product exposes the web services for various web pages, which are defined by the client within the application.