Development and Deployment Process

MYOB Advanced makes it easy for partners, Developer Partners and clients to package and deploy customisations and applications built on MYOB Advanced framework by the means of customisation packages. These are essentially a collection of business logic, reports, site map entries, generic enquiries, SQL statements etc that together modify the behaviour of an MYOB Advanced implementation.

Customisation packages make it easy for partners and Developer Partners to move customisation packages between different site implements such as development environment, sandboxes, test environments and production environments.

Note: Details on the types of customisation available in the product are available in the Designing Solutions topic.


When developing customisations, it is recommended that they are built in isolation from the production site. MYOB provide Sandboxes for this purpose.

A sandbox is a complete replica of a production site, including all configuration and data (certain functionality is disabled in a sandbox). A sandbox can be requested from MYOB and should be used for testing all customisation packages. The sandbox should also be the final testing platform prior to the customisation package being deployed into a production site.

In-App customisations should be developed on a sandbox, and the customisation package then exported and re-imported into the production environment. Embedded and Connected solutions should use a Visual Studio .net environment and the packages uploaded into a sandbox site prior to deployment into production.

There is a small charge for sandbox sites. Please consult your MYOB Advanced business partner for sandbox pricing.

Software Accreditation

For Embedded solutions MYOB requires that Developer Partners and Business Partners get their solution accredited before it is deployed into production environments. This allows MYOB to ensure that these solutions, which allow for full extension of MYOB Advanced, adhere to the development standards of MYOB and do not include any code that could potentially compromise the MYOB environment.

Note: Details on accreditation of commercially available embedded add-ons is covered under the Add-on Accreditation process topic.

In-App customisations and Connected solutions do not require certification but are subject to a fair use policy.