Partner Accreditation Rules

How can I become accredited?

Getting Accredited

The accreditation process

The accreditation process

Getting Certified

The certification process

The first step to getting accredited as a developer partner is meeting the certification requirements. The certification requirements are based on the program level you are registered against and the type of solution being developed.

Connected Solutions Embedded Solutions
Minimum MYOB Certification 1 × MYOB Advanced API Developer
See below if the integration customises existing MYOB Advanced screens1
1 × MYOB Advanced Core Developer
1 × Building extensions and Add-ons badge
Applies to Open Access Level
Premium Level
Premium level

1 To fulfil integration requirements certain connected solutions may have an element of in-app customisation. If your solution does, you need to contact us and depending on the type and scope of customisations it may lead to the additional requirement of having at least one certified MYOB Advanced Core Developer in your team.

To achieve accreditation you must employ at least 1 Certified Developer as per the above matrix. If you’re a sole trader, this means that you must also be a Certified Developer. In the scenario where you cease to employ at least 1 Certified Person you must employ or arrange for the training and certification of a replacement Certified Person within 90 days of the cessation of employment in order to maintain accreditation.

Which courses do I need to complete and how do I enroll myself?

Details on various MYOB Advanced developer training, certifications, benefits of getting certified and how you can enrol yourself can be found here.

Note: Developer partners having equivalent Acumatica certifications qualify automatically but need to provide the relevant certificates from Acumatica and additionally give us permission to contact Acumatica regarding the same. For more information on this feel free to send an email to