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How can I customise my MYOB Advanced system?

Available Options

Embedded Solutions

Customise your site using the Advanced development platform

Embedded solutions extend the MYOB Advanced application using the web tools and the Advanced development platform. Based on the purpose and tools used to build them these have been further categorised as follows:

Capability Capability details Advanced Standard Advanced Plus Advanced Enterprise
Customisations Client specific in-app customisations done using web tools to make quick changes to the databases and business logic.
For example, adding some extra fields on an existing webpage for a specific client to suit their existing business processes.
Extensions Client specific customisations and extensions involving creation of new webpages.
For example, adding a new setup page to capture information for an additional entity to mimic the client’s existing business process.
Embedded Add-ons These are essentially packaged extensions developed using framework by Developer Partners and are available for businesses to download from the MYOB app exchange. Y Y

Connected Solutions

Customise your site via the MYOB Advanced API

Connected solutions make use of integration services or Web APIs to interoperate with MYOB Advanced application.

The MYOB Advanced API is based on web service standards, such as SOAP and WSDL, and can be accessed with almost any current programming environment or integration tool. By using the development environment you are familiar with, you can easily create a client application that accesses the MYOB Advanced application through standard web services protocols. Every operation that uses the MYOB Advanced API is executed through the same business logic layer as the user interface.

All the functionality of the application(all webpages including generic inquiries and reports) is available through the Web Services API; however, the functionality and information that will be exposed and available to the web services client depends on the access rights granted to the user logged in as a client to the MYOB Advanced instance.

Capability Capability details Advanced Standard Advanced Plus Advanced Enterprise
Connected Add-ons Created by external parties connecting to the Advanced business product suite using APIs. Y Y Y

Building the solution

Endpoints available

MYOB Advanced ships with a default set of endpoints. These can easily be extended to add additional screen entities and fields from screens, including the screens and fields created via customisations. Watch this video to see how easy it is to work with our APIs.

Licences for API access

MYOB Advanced has a free limited API license with each site, which can be converted to a paid license type quite easily, allowing unlimited access to the product via the APIs.

Other options for data transfer

Generic inquiries are a critical part of MYOB Advanced implementations. They allow you to easily retrieve data from the system by linking multiple entities without programming skills. This functionality has an OData interface that can be leveraged as another mechanism for retrieving data from MYOB Advanced.

You can import data using MYOB Advanced's import/export scenarios. You need to work with certified consultants from our reseller channel if you wish to make use of this functionality for your add-on.


See for yourself

Videos of the product providing an overview of MYOB Advanced and its customisation capabilities are available on the MYOB Advanced Education Centre.