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Integrate with MYOB Essentials Accounting

  Date Updated: March 2020

Important Notice

new Essentials is coming

We are currently undertaking a major upgrade of MYOB Essentials. The new Essentials will be powered by the AccountRight platform along with using the AccountRight API to integrate with apps such as yours. If you use the AccountRight API there will be no change – this will continue to work as it does today. If you use the Essentials API there is a change required for your current customers. From May 2020 we will progressively start upgrade existing Essentials customers to the new Essentials. Once an old Essentials file has been upgraded users will no longer be able to use the old Essentials API and over time support for the Essentials API will cease.'

As both MYOB AccountRight and the new Essentials are powered by the AccountRight platform it is important to distinguish which product you and your customers are using. The AccountRight API endpoints accessibility remains the same for both products, but there are functionality/features that are only visible in AccountRight UI, but not yet in new Essentials UI at this stage. We have outlined the steps below to help you understand what’s available.

API Integration

With the API - it's easy

MYOB Essentials - Easy online accounting, now with an API developers can integrate with. The Essentials API makes it easier and faster for you to build and test secure applications that take advantage of the latest authorisation standard, OAuth 2.0. The efficient JSON exchange format, combined with the Essentials API will also make accessing data faster and more stable.

With the Essentials API, it's easy to create applications using any programming language, for a variety of platforms, including Mac and Windows, as well as for devices runinng iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Getting Started