Working with the AccountRight/ new Essentials API

  Date Updated: Sep 2021

Installing the SDK

You’ll firstly need to ensure you have a NuGet plugin installed for your development environment, they are openly available to download online from the web. Our vb.net and c# samples consuming the SDK use a plugin for MS Visual Studio 2019.

Installing the SDK package using the MS Visual Studio NuGet plugin can be done two different ways, firstly you can use the NuGet Package Manager (screenshot below) which is the preferred method.

From here you can search online for the package, manage package updates and check which version of the SDK is currently installed for your project.

Secondly there is the Package Manager Console window where you can enter and run the following command Install-package MYOB.AccountRight.API.SDK like so:

For some additional reading in relation to finding and installing a NuGet package please refer to the NuGet org online docs