Getting Started

  Date Updated: Oct 30th 2018

So you want to integrate with the MYOB AccountRight Live API - fantastic. Lets walk through what you need to do to get up and developing against our API.


Get API Access

The first thing you'll need to do is sign up for API access. Do that by clicking the button below - it's free


Get your API Keys

Once you have access, you'll need to register your 'app' and receive an API Key and API Secret. You do this via the my.MYOB portal.


Start Coding

Now you have access & keys, check out our documentation and SDKs to get you up and running fast.

Where to work?

Desktop or Cloud?

MYOB AccountRight Live is a hybrid product, this means that the data the API allows you to access and work with, can live either on the users computer (local computer or one on a network in their office) or it can live in the MYOB Cloud.

This gives you a developer two choices when thinking about working with our app. Will your solution (or integration) access the API via the desktop, the cloud or both?

For example: if you are building a Windows 8 Reporting app, then you'll want to access the API via the desktop. If you intended to build an online reporting tool then you'll want to access the API via the cloud (You might also consider a desktop connector to bring data from the desktop to your app in the cloud).

The two API's are actually identical, the only difference is in the authentication headers needed for the Cloud.

How to access?

Access the API via the desktop

Using this API is really simple, as long as you have MYOB AccountRight Live installed you can start developing against the API.

AccountRight Live provides you with two different installers to choose from, firstly there is the lighter framed client PC version that gives you an add-on connector to access the desktop API. Secondly a Server build is available for those users that host company files over a network and need to access the API desktop service in network mode. You can find these installers located in the Downloads section of your my.MYOB account.

For anyone that may be using an older version of AccountRight Live, you may need to manually install the API service. To do so you can find and run the API installer executable from C:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\AccountRight\API_Installer

The next step is to open up your browser (we recommend a modern browser like Google Chrome) and enter the following address:


This should open up a webpage and show you a table of the company files that reside on this computer, with details such as ID, Name, LibraryPath, ProductVersion and more. Pay particular note of the ID, as this is the GUID that identifies the company file. You will use this in the URL of every subsequent call.

Note: the API when accessed via a browser returns HTML, with clickable URIs included so that you can easily explore the data available to you. We recommend that your application uses the JSON format. For more information on formats within the API, click here.

Additionally: should you want to access a local network computer with the company files on it (AccountRight Live Server build required), simply change the URL to the following

http://[IP ADDRESS OF COMPUTER TO ACCESS]:8080/accountright/

Access the API via the cloud

Before you can start working on a new app, or make your existing app work with the AccountRight Cloud API, you first need to register your app and receive an API key, and an API secret. These are used when authenticating your application and are set in the headers for all calls to the API.

Follow these steps to get started with the AccountRight Cloud API:

Applying for your key:

  1. Enter your details to register for API Access
  2. We'll create a MYOB login, which will give you access to my.MYOB (If you own any MYOB Product you will already have an my.MYOB login, please let us know this in your registration)
  3. We will invite you to a sandbox company file, you’ll need your my.MYOB password to accept the invitation
  4. Click on the Developer tab, then click the Register App button
  5. Enter your app's details, including the app's name and redirect URL, then click Register App
  6. The API key and secret for your app are generated and displayed on the page, along with information about app usage, quotas and limits

Accessing the Cloud API

Now that you have your Access Keys you need to access the cloud API. Just like the desktop above it's pretty straight forward.

Before anything happens you'll need to authenticate, which allows the user of your app to assign access permissions to your application. This is done using OAuth Authentication and the steps are spelled out on our authentication page.

Once you have your access token, simply set the headers on every call, and pass these as you make the calls to the URLs you are requesting.

Samples & SDKs

We are working hard to expand our samples, please bear with us while our documentation is evolving. You are welcome to look at the following samples to help get you up and running.