MYOB Add-On Directory

We know how much time, blood, sweat and tears go into building awesome solutions and products. We also know this is only the beginning of the journey as you now need to market your product. MYOB wants to help you with this journey. We have over 1 Million customers across Australia and New Zealand who are using MYOB products, and we want to help get your solution in front of this potential audience.

One of the tools we have is our Add-Ons Directory, a single place on the main MYOB corporate site that brings together the solutions that integrate to our software. If you haven't checked it out yet, we recommend taking a look. This directory is more than just your logo on a page, as it offers dedicated pages to your solutions and a dedicated page to your business. This is great for those with multiple solutions, giving customers one place to find all your solutions.

Explore the MYOB Add-On Directory

Getting Listed

3 easy steps

So you've got a solution you'd like us to list? Fantastic! The process is pretty simple.


Tell Us

The first thing you'll need to do tell us about your integration. Download the spreadsheet below and send it to This spreadsheet helps you tell us about your solution and this data is what we'll use in your listing, so write it as a sales/marketing pitch for your solution.


Demo Time

We'll contact you for a webinar to showcase your solution to us. During this session we'll want to get an understanding of your application, your typical customer & the integration to MYOB and your MYOB specific landing page on your website. Below you'll find a link to our logo and brand assets


Review & List

After the demo we will review your solution as a team and ultimately list the solution on the website.NOTE: We may also ask you for an account (if you have an online service) or software & licenses then we can install so we can do an in-depth review. The review process is meant to be informative and easy.

Demo & Review

What do we look at?

  • Purpose of the add-on
  • Is there nothing in AccountRight that can deliver this feature?
  • What version s of AccountRight does it work with?
  • Installation procedure
  • Does it do what it actually says it does?
  • Does your solution follow proper accounting business logic?
  • How does your solution integrate into Accountright?
  • Is the user interface friendly?
  • Are all the MYOB logos and signage up-to-date and MYOB compliant?
  • Is the OAUTH process the user will go through is valid and complete.
  • Company file access, is there functionality to choose different files if the user has access to multiple company files?

Review FAQ

Questions from you

  1. What do you look for in deciding whether to accept an add-on to your directory?
    • We will list anything that integrates to one of the MYOB products, provided it is helping simplify or improve business life for our joint clients. Integration should be via API. We no longer accept the ODBC integrations nor file import/export solutions.
      NOTE: we are no longer accepting new listings for CSV Import or ODBC based integrations. All new listings must leverage one of our public APIs
  2. How many listing applications do you reject, and why?
    • We do from time to time reject an application if it doesn't meet the standards our users expect. We will have a full conversation with you and many times the issues can be resolved. Usually this is around your user interface, the user experience or not following industry recognised coding practices around data security and OAUTH token flows.
  3. Does this process need to be repeated when we add new features, or is this a one-off vetting process?
    • If the features are important to customers, it is in your best interest to tell us and update your listing.
  4. What are the benefits of being listed?
    • Listing is all about marketing and promotion of your solution through our channels. There is a better chance of MYOB clients coming across your product when they visit our add-on page looking for solutions.
  5. Do you offer any payment mechanisms for add-ons to charge users through MYOB, or do we need to charge directly to our users?
    • We provide a directory type service, at this stage we don't offer purchasing of add-ons through MYOB. We are exploring the idea of bundles and the concept of a single bill from MYOB that might cover MYOB products + Add-ons but at this stage that is still something we are talking through. We simply direct the client through to your website/phone etc for them to have a relationship with you.