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  Date Updated: Mar 15th 2019

The Greentree API

The Greentree API aims to cover the breadth and depth of features available in Greentree and make them accessible from external systems and interfaces. While other integration technologies do exist for Greentree (including FREE, SOAP, JHP and selective data import/export functions), they are quite restrictive in their accessibility (FREE requires COM, SOAP access can be awkward and is very heavy, data imports are not suitable for real time integration), and are limited to a subset of Greentree features.

How does it work?

The Greentree API is a RESTful HTTP interface.

In a nutshell, this means that you can use descriptive URLs to access “things” in Greentree. The structure of the URLs is a vital part of the API and assists in its discoverability. The transport mechanism is HTTP, which makes it accessible from almost any platform and technology. The standard HTTP verbs used by web servers are also used to determine what you want to do with the data (GET is used to read, POST is used to write, DELETE is used to delete). Based on this, the same URL can be used with different verbs to achieve different behavior. The Greentree API itself acts as a web server and services the queries against the database. There is no requirement for IIS or any other web server technology.

Getting started

We recommend you work closely with a Greentree reseller to integrate your app for your first Greentree client, to get the help you need in understanding the Greentree application and navigating through the hiccups along the way.

API documentation & demo system

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