MYOB App Marketplace

Now that you have integrated your platform to an MYOB product it’s time to let the MYOB Community know!

MYOB is committed to providing the best solution for our Partners and Customers, in many cases we are the platform that is the foundation for the full solution businessess need.

Whether you are looking at leveraging our extensive Partner Networks or letting our customers know you have launched your integration, listing on the MYOB App Marketplace elevates your brand and aligns you with MYOB’s strategy.

Explore the MYOB App Marketplace

Getting Listed

Where to start?

So you've got a solution you'd like us to list on the MYOB App Marketplace? Fantastic! The process is pretty simple.

  • The first thing you'll need to do is choose your integration.
  • If your integration is for MYOB Business, then drop an email at to tell us about your solution.

  • We'll contact you to let you know what you need to provide to showcase your solution.

  • We'll review your solution and get your app ready to be listed on the MYOB App Marketplace.

Demo & Review

What do we look at?

  • Describe the value proposition of the of your App
  • Who is your target market
  • Which MYOB products do you integrate with?
  • Walk through the integration process for the end user
  • OAuth, company file section and login procedure
    • Is the OAUTH process the user will go through is valid and complete
    • Company file access, is there functionality to choose different files if the user has access to multiple company files?
  • Display the information flowing back and further from MYOB and your platform (each module if applicable) Or Showcase the API’s being pinged
  • Are all the MYOB logos and signage up-to-date and MYOB compliant?

Review FAQs

Questions from you

  1. How and where can I request to update my listing?
    Does this process need to be repeated when we add new features, or is this a one-off vetting process?
    • If the features or any changes consequence in updating your listing, contact with details.
  2. Do you offer any payment mechanisms for add-ons to charge users through MYOB, or do we need to charge directly to our users?
    • We provide a directory type service, at this stage we don't offer purchasing of add-ons through MYOB. We are exploring the idea of bundles and the concept of a single bill from MYOB that might cover MYOB products + Add-ons but at this stage that is still something we are talking through. We simply direct the client through to your website/phone etc for them to have a relationship with you.