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Getting Started

  1. Sign up to our APIs
  2. Go to my.MYOB and register for your Keys
  3. Explore the endpoint documentation
    MYOB Business or EXO
  4. Check out our knowledge base
  5. Get building

Built something?
Drop us a note and let us know, we're keen to promote awesome apps built on our api

Developer Programs

Here at MYOB we know that there is more to building a successful integration, app or solution than simply throwing some code around. So we've pulled together a brand new program to work with our developer partners and help with these other bits.

We have an awesome community of Apps which we love to promote, from our listing directory to AU and NZ events. From mailing lists to custom webinars to trade shows & exhibition opportunities, we can help you reach new audiences.

We encourage you to find out more today and get involved!

Build your Integration and get Represented

Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight has a great range of management reports, dashboards, forecasts and consolidations


Smart job management for small business, create quotes and invoices on the go.