Company Files

Base endpoint for the MYOB Business API - returns a list of company files.

Date Released: Feb 2013 Date Updated: Oct 2021
{domain}/accountright/ GET |  PUT |  POST |  DELETE
Please note: While accessibility via the API is available to both AccountRight and new Essentials files. Not all features will be displayed in Product for new Essentials

The first thing you are going to want to do is get a list of the company files. This really couldn't be simpler as there is no specific end point for this, just call the base API url.

As soon as you request the API (provided you have authenticated and passed the right headers, you will be presented with a list of the company files on the computer or that the user has in the cloud.

Default API Call

Pick the appropriate URL for your access needs:

http://localhost:8080/accountright/  - This will return files that are stored in the local library on your computer. 
http://[IP OF NETWORK COMPUTER]:8080/accountright/ - This will return files that are stored over a network. - This will return both AccountRight and new Essentials files.

The elements list below details information for Company Files. To view the descriptions for the elements you can either hover any attribute to reveal details or click here to show all details inline.

Items shown with are required when posting or puting data
Items shown with are read-only elements

Attribute Details

  • IdGuid (36)
  • Unique GUID for the company file.
  • NameString
  • Given name of the company file.
  • LibraryPathString
  • Path name to the company file
  • ProductVersionString
  • MYOB AccountRight version this company file was created with. EG: 2020.3
  • ProductLevel
  • The following set of information pulls through details for the AccountRight product
    • CodeString
    • AccountRight product code.
    • NameString
    • AccountRight product name, ie Basics, Standard, Plus.
  • SubscriptionObject
  • Will display as null by default unless the query $expand is provided. For more details check out our Knowledgebase article.
    • IsTrialBoolean
    • This will return a true or false value to indicate if this is a trial or not.
    • ProductArray
    • The following set of information pulls through the details for the New Essentials product.
      • ProductLineString
      • Product Line the product is associated with ie. New Essentials
      • NameString
      • New Essentials product name
      • DisplayNameString
      • Display Name for the New Essentials product.
      • IdString
      • New Essentials product code
  • CheckedOutDateDateTime
  • Date the online file was checked out offline, format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • CheckedOutByString
  • my.MYOB user that has checked out the file offline.
  • URIString
  • Uniform resource identifier encompasses all types of names and addresses that refer to objects on the web.
  • CountryString (2)
  • The 2 character country code. EG: AU or NZ
  • SerialNumberString (12)
  • The 12 digit serial number of the AccountRight file.
  • UIAccessFlagsInteger
  • The file accessible product type identifier:
    0. Local AccountRight
    1. Online AccountRight
    2. New Essentials
    3. AccountRight & AccountRight Browser

Example json GET response

  • {
  • "Id": "770ed441-0abb-4832-bd2b-2032d035656e",
  • "Name": "API Team Sandbox",
  • "LibraryPath": "API Team Sandbox",
  • "ProductVersion": "2021.4",
  • "ProductLevel" : {
    • "Code" : 50,
    • "Name" : "Premier"
  • },
  • "Subscription": {
    • "IsTrial": False,
    • "Product": {
      • "ProductLine": "MYOB Essentials (New)",
      • "Name": "Accounting + Payroll",
      • "DisplayName": "Accounting + Payroll",
      • "Id": "52",
      • },
    • },
  • "CheckedOutDate" : null,
  • "CheckedOutBy" : null,
  • "Uri": "{cf_uri}",
  • "Country": "AU,"
  • "SerialNumber": "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
  • "UIAccessFlags": 2,
  • }
Hypermedia in the MYOB Business API

The {cf_uri} is provided by the Company File endpoint.

Read more about Hypermedia in the MYOB Business API in our best practice guide.