How do I become a

MYOB Developer Partner?

So you are thinking about becoming a developer partner? Awesome!

You know, we thought long and hard about what to call our program, and the term partner wasn't picked lightly. We firmly believe in partnering with you to help your product, solution, app or integration reach it's full potential. We bring to you the support of MYOB, from marketing and promotion of your solution, to support and integration workshops. It's all here for you, our partners.

Open, Developer, Premium?

which level is right for me?

Open Access: this level is designed to get you started & to open our API up to anyone who wants to have a crack. If you are thinking about integrating, have a cool idea for an app, or looking at a desktop solution, why not start with the free level, this gives you the API and the ability to get started. Once you've built your app and are ready to really drive it forward, look at the next two levels. You can list your solution with MYOB in our App Marketplace.

Developer Partner: this level is designed for those where they want MYOB software to use and test against. You want your own personal development sandbox and you want to start promoting your solution to the MYOB sales channels. This level allows you to have MYOB test and certify two solutions you want to bring to market (there is a cost for additional solutions) and you can have two branded listings for your solutions in the MYOB App Marketplace.

Premium Developer Partner: this level is designed for those with deep integration's with MYOB. With the Premium Developer Partnership you get API access, every version of every software package MYOB creates. This will give you full support for your solution and the full weight of MYOB behind your app. You can have MYOB test and certify as many solutions as you like and you can list each and everyone in full detail in our App Marketplace.

For a full list of the various level features read our full table of program benefits

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