Certification for Add-Ons

Ensuring the best of the best are recognised

Certification helps our add-on partners stand out, and our accounting partners and clients discover great add-on solutions.

What is Add-On Certification?

Here at MYOB we know that there is more to building a successful integration, app or solution than simply throwing some code around. You've invested time, resources and cash into building your solution and you are justifiably proud of it.

The MYOB Add-On Certification allows us as a business to stand behind you, to endorse your solution and really help drive it to the next level. As a certified add-on you'll be in an elite group of add-ons that we promote to our channels, you'll have first access to promotional opportunities and will be championed through our many marketing & sales channels.

You'll also have a badge of honour to use on your websites, packaging and marketing material, to let the world know that MYOB backs your add-on.

What makes a Certified Add-On?


We've tried to keep the review process for Certified Add-Ons as simple as possible for developers and yet provide some robustness so MYOB can stand behind these Add-Ons. As such there are four key areas we will look at while evaluating your Add-On.

Technical Integration

We will take a deeper look into your technical integration, we'll poke around and try to break things and see how you handle errors, data flow & updates and generally kick the tires of your integration.

To pass the technical integration your add-on MUST at a minimum connect to our Cloud Services, which means we need to look at how you handle the OAuth user authentication as part of your technical integration.

Domain Experience

MYOB provides to the market, accounting and business management software and your add-on integrates with these. We need to ensure you understand this domain, to make sure that when you use the accounting data, or make a calculation you are doing it correctly. We'll dig into what you do with the data from our API and if you are updating data back via the API are you pushing the right data into the right places.

User Experience

A good user experience is essential, from client on-boarding to after sales service and support. We'll be taking a look at your Add-On in depth from a user point of view. Is it easy to use, simple to follow instructions? Do buttons look like buttons, is there help where & when I need it?

We'll take a look at your User Interface and if you are a cross device add-on you can be sure we'll try it online, in mobile and anywhere else a user can use it. We'll be looking to see if you provide a clean, elegant and effective interface for users.

Customer Care

Your customers are our customers, and we love our customers. We need to make sure that you provide fantastic support to our customers and as such we'll want to know how you handle customer feedback, what tools and services you use to provide customer support and how customers can talk to you.

To be a certified add-on we'll expect you to have high attachment and usage rates (see below). We will look to connect with at least 10 of your customers to discuss their experience with your tool and customer support.

How do I get Certified?

Certification is an invite only program. We only certify solutions built on one of the MYOB apis and we no longer certify any ODBC (or non-api) solutions.
We only certify MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Essentials and MYOB Kounta api driven add-on solutions.

We look at the following aspects to consider invitation into the Certification program:

  • Attachment rate: this speaks to the number of MYOB customers using your add-on.
    We are looking for a minimum of 100 unique active MYOB connections in the past month
  • Traffic volume: this speaks to the frequency of use of your add-on.
    We expect your add-on to be the most frequently used in the category
  • Market feedback: this speaks to your customer feedback to us.
    We expect your customers to be talking about your solution
  • Fit with MYOB vision: does your solution align with MYOB's cloud vision
    Ideally we expect you to be browser, mobile or cloud first enabling customers to use data where they are

To be considered for certification you must demonstrate that your solution is the best of the best in this space. This is evaluated through usage of your add-on and direct market feedback and demand for your solution. It must fill a need for our customers and we will expect the following from you:

  • insight into your sales figures - provided monthly
  • insight into your traffic & leads generated through certification activity
  • insight into outcomes from any MYOB marketing activity & events participated in