AccountRight Live API v2

v2 Released: August 12th 2013

  Date Updated: Aug 12th 2013

Version 2

What does this new version entail?

Version 2 of the AccountRight Live API builds on the work started with v1. Right from the start we heard some very valuable input and feedback from our developers which we have listened to and have some great improvements in store for Version 2 that we are excited about.

There are some KEY changes you need to be aware of when switching from v1 to v2 - check out our "what's changed" page to find out more.

What's changed in v2?

How to use v2?


The AccountRight Live API expects a custom header which is used for version management. You simply pass x-myobapi-version: in your header to tell us which version you wish to use. More information on headers can be found here.

Here's an example of a header that calls the version 2 api - note the x-myobapi-version: is set to v2.

Authorization: Bearer [ACCESS_CODE_HERE]
x-myobapi-cftoken: ABCta353c5R6YXRvcjo=
x-myobapi-key: [API_KEY_HERE]
x-myobapi-version: v2