Integrate with MYOB's enterprise business management solution - EXO Business

  Date Updated: Nov 25th 2013

API Integration

MYOB EXO API is designed specifically for developers to create applications for MYOB EXO Business using any programming language on a variety of platforms including Windows and Mac plus devices running iOS, Android and Windows Mobile OS.

The EXO user must be using EXO Business version 2015.1 or later.

The EXO API module must be licensed annually (for which there is a cost) in order to be used for third party developments. Purchase and installation can be arranged by your EXO Business Partner.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Specifically designed to meet the needs of developers
  • RESTful service utilising JSON exchange format
  • Data is secure and it’s integrity is maintained by use of security tokens
  • Applies EXO Business profiles and configuration including best price and company and user specific profiles
  • Supports extra fields and custom search logic configurations of EXO Business
  • Compatible with EXO Business v8.3 and newer
  • EXO specific endpoints for searching and validating transactions ensures consistency of data and user experience between EXO Business and the API
  • Access the API and EXO Business data remotely using the MYOB LiveRelay service
  • Easy hassle-free installation as a windows service