Company Data File Info

Return basic information about the EXO Business company.

Date Released: May 30th 2014 Date Updated: May 30th 2014





{URI} is when connecting to the cloud or the address of the machine hosting the API when connecting on premise.

image returns the company logo image file with dimensions specified (in pixels) by the height and width parameters. The image’s aspect ratio is preserved if just one of the dimensions is specified. If no dimensions are supplied, the width defaults to 100 pixels (with the height calculated to preserve the aspect ratio). You can return the actual dimensions of the image with width=auto and/or height=auto.

The elements list below details information for Company Data File Info. To view the descriptions for the elements you can either hover any attribute to reveal details or click here to show all details inline.

Attribute Details

    • parentcompanyname string,null
    • Type: string,null
    • companyname string,null
    • Type: string,null
    • defaultcustomer integer
    • Type: integer
    • id integer
    • Required on PUT
    • logofilename string,null
    • Type: string,null
    • defaultbranch integer
    • Type: integer
    • rel string,null
    • Type: string,null
    • title string,null
    • Type: string,null
    • href string,null
    • Type: string,null

Example json GET response

  • {
    • parentcompanyname :
    • companyname :
    • defaultcustomer : 0
    • id : 1
    • logofilename : FormLogo.jpg
    • defaultbranch : 0
    • href : {URI}/companydatafileinfo
  • }

{URI} is defined as: