Prospect History Note

Return, update and create a history note for a prospect.

Date Released: Oct 30th 2013 Date Updated: Oct 30th 2013
{URI}/prospect/{prospectid}/historynote GET |  PUT |  POST

{URI} is when connecting to the cloud or the address of the machine hosting the API when connecting on premise.

Id fields are required when updating a history note (PUT).  The API will retrieve the information relating to a specific Id so you have all the information available.

Note: Actual fields returned may differ slightly depending on local settings and configuration.

The elements list below details information for Prospect History Note. To view the descriptions for the elements you can either hover any attribute to reveal details or click here to show all details inline.

Attribute Details

    • date date
    • Type: date
    • subject string,null
    • Type: string,null
    • note string,null
    • Type: string,null
    • salesperson object
    • Schema for type Staff
      Title: MYOB EXO Staff
      • Id integer
      • Type: integer
      • Title string,null
      • Type: string,null
      • Name string,null
      • Type: string,null
      • JobTitle string,null
      • Type: string,null

Example json GET response