MYOB Business API

Integrate with AccountRight, Essentials and MYOB Business

  Date Updated: Jul 2022

API Integration

With the API - it's easy

We've built API so it's easier for developers to access and integrate with. The API makes it easier and faster for you to build and test secure applications that take advantage of the latest authorisation standard, OAuth 2.0. The efficient JSON exchange format, combined with the proven AccountRight SQL database format will also make accessing data faster and more stable, whether it's online or local.

With the API, it's easy to create applications using any programming language, for a variety of platforms, including Mac and Windows, as well as for devices runinng iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.


Why we changed

In the past, you would have had to use the ODBC to interact with AccountRight. This limited you to creating Windows-based applications that were primarily desktop bound. If you did want to build a modern web (or cloud) based service, you still had to build a desktop-connector to get the data out of AccountRight. This was also slower and more difficult to maintain, and relied on the end-user having a properly configured Windows environment.