Returns information on the financial year details

Date Released: Aug 2013 Date Updated: Jan 2022
/{cf_uri}/GeneralLedger/AccountingProperties GET |  PUT |  POST |  DELETE
Please note: While accessibility via the API is available to both AccountRight and new Essentials files. Not all features will be displayed in Product for new Essentials

The elements list below details information for AccountingProperties. To view the descriptions for the elements you can either hover any attribute to reveal details or click here to show all details inline.

Items shown with are required when posting or puting data
Items shown with are read-only elements

Attribute Details

  • ConversionDateDateDateTime
  • Starting date for the company file. Conversion date must always be for the first day of the selected month. You can't record transactions dated earlier than the conversion date.
  • CurrentFinancialYear Integer
  • Year that the current financial year ends. For example, 2014 indicates that the financial year ends in 2014.
  • LastMonthFinancialYear Integer
  • Number representing the last month of the financial year. For example, 3 indicates March.
  • RowVersion String
  • Number value that changes upon a record update, can be used for change control but does does not preserve a date or a time.

Example json GET response

  • {
  • "ConversionDate" : "2008-07-01T00:00:00",
  • "CurrentFinancialYear" : 2014,
  • "LastMonthFinancialYear" : 6,
  • "RowVersion" : 6710926394735460000
  • }
Hypermedia in the MYOB Business API

The {cf_uri} is provided by the Company File endpoint.

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