Returns a report of the total number of coded and uncoded transactions

Date Released: Nov 2018 Date Updated: Jan 2021
/{cf_uri}/Report/TransactionCodingSummary GET |  PUT |  POST |  DELETE

This endpoint will return the last 24 months of data relating to Bankfeed Transactions that are in the AccountRight file, which are grouped by year and month.
The endpoint can be filtered by month to give you the data for a certain month using the following oData filter :

?$filter=Month eq {number_of_month}

The {number_of_month} is the place that the month sits in the year.
For example: February is 2 and November is 11.

Please note: While accessibility via the API is available to both AccountRight and new Essentials files. Not all features will be displayed in Product for new Essentials

The elements list below details information for TransactionCodingSummary. To view the descriptions for the elements you can either hover any attribute to reveal details or click here to show all details inline.

Items shown with are required when posting or puting data
Items shown with are read-only elements

Attribute Details

  • YearInteger
  • The calender year.
  • MonthInteger
  • Number representing the month of the year. For example: 5 indicates May
  • TotalReceivedInteger
  • Total number of bankfeed transactions received.
  • UncodedInteger
  • Total number of bankfeed transactions that have not been coded
  • AutoCodedInteger
  • Total number of transaction that have been coded using BankFeed Rules.

Paging: default page size is set to 400 with a maximum of 1000 results.

Example json GET response

  • {
  • "Year" : 2018,
  • "Month" : 12,
  • "TotalReceived" : 14,
  • "Uncoded" : 14,
  • "AutoCoded" : 0
  • },
  • {
  • "Year" : 2018,
  • "Month" : 11,
  • "TotalReceived" : 3,
  • "Uncoded" : 3,
  • "AutoCoded" : 0
  • }
Hypermedia in the MYOB Business API

The {cf_uri} is provided by the Company File endpoint.

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