Miscellaneous Invoice Email

Date Released: Sep 2019 Date Updated: Sep 2019


The {guid} in the URL above is replaced with the unique ID for any given company file
This endpoint is only available for use if the company file is online and has been set up to email from AccountRight. For more information on how to email from AccountRight, check out the Set up AccountRight to send emails article.

The elements list below details information for Miscellaneous Invoice Email. To view the descriptions for the elements you can either hover any attribute to reveal details or click here to show all details inline.

Items shown with are required when posting or puting data
Items shown with are read-only elements


  • FormTemplateString
  • Invoice Template to use for the attached Invoice
  • From
  • Details for the sender of the email
    • EmailString
    • Reply To email used on the email.
    • NameString
    • From Name used on the email
  • SubjectString
  • Subject used on the email
  • MessageString
  • Email body text
  • To
  • Details for the recipients of the email
    • EmailString
    • Recipient's Email address.
    • NameString
    • Recipient's Name

Example json request

  • {
  • "FormTemplate": "Pre-Printed Invoice",
  • "From": {
  • "Name": "Barry B. Benson"
  • },
  • "Subject": "Invoice #000338 - Honey Collection",
  • "Message": "Dear Sir/Madam,\nPlease find the invoice enclosed for your Bee-Approved Honey(tm).\nPleasure doing business with you!",
  • "To": [
  • {
  • "Name": "Vanessa Bloome"
  • }
  • ]
  • }
  • Hypermedia in the MYOB Business API

    The {cf_uri} is provided by the Company File endpoint.

    Read more about Hypermedia in the MYOB Business API in our best practice guide.