Run Report

Run an EXO Business report.

Date Released: July 17th 2015 Date Updated: July 17th 2015



{URI} is when connecting to the cloud or the address of the machine hosting the API when connecting on premise.

Call the endpoint with the name of the report to run, e.g.

The parameters attribute must contain an array of parameter name/value pairs in the format "name":"value","name":"value", etc. for each parameter required by the report. (The report/{reportname} endpoint returns the list of parameters that the report requires.)

The elements list below details information for Run Report. To view the descriptions for the elements you can either hover any attribute to reveal details or click here to show all details inline.

Attribute Details

    • id string
    • Required on PUT
    • Type: string,null
    • notificationid string
    • Type: string,null
    • parameters object
    • Type:object,null

Example json GET response

  • {
    • id : 2bb7df31-836f-4418-8a07-fe7d83f05b2f
    • href : {URI}/report/fetch/2bb7df31-836f-4418-8a07-fe7d83f05b2f
  • }

{URI} is defined as: